Office365 – Mailbox move completed with warning

[AMSPRD0510CA019] Post-move cleanup failed. The operation will try again in 30 seconds (5/6).

[AMSPRD0510CA019] Target mailbox ‘User name’ was updated on domain controller ‘’.

[AMSPRD0510CA019] Unable to update Active Directory information for the source mailbox at the end of the move. Error: UpdateMovedMailboxPermanentException.

[AMSPRD0510CA019] Waiting for mailbox changes to replicate.

[AMSPRD0510CA019] Request is complete.


I got this warning when I moved an Exchange 2003 mailbox to the cloud.


In the last step of the move, the Onpremise mailbox should be converted into a mail user.

Attributes and target address should be pointing to the cloud.

In this case, it seems like, the on-premise mailbox was not getting converted into a remote mailbox and the attributes need to change manually.


Before changing anything, check that you still see the old mailbox, if so backup all the x500 address.


From Adsiedit – properties on the AD User:


First clear the following attributes


1. homemdb

2. homemta

3. msExchHomeServerName

4. msExchPoliciesExcluded


Now add the following:


1. msExchRemoteRecipientType="4"

2. msExchRecipientDisplayType="-2147483642

3. msExchRecipientTypeDetails="2147483648"

4. targetaddress:


Add x500 address you backed up if they don’t exists


Now Sync AD using Dirsync


That’s worked for me.


Good luck J

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