Backup Exec System State warning VSS Snapshot warning. File is not present on the snapshot

sometime you get this error while trying to backup only the “system state” of a server.

first I’ll try yo explain why you get this error and later I’ll show the easy fix

when you try to backup your server’s system state among many other files that the BE job will backup it will also try to backup all of the services of the server along with the .exe files that those services run.

in my case the file name was c:\blablabla\aendaemon.exe and the problem with this file was that it really wasn’t in this path.

basically the problem was that one of the services in my services.msc console was corrupted and the system state backup tried to find this file.

now for the (very) easy solution:

1. you can do one of the following to find the name of the service:

a. open the services.msc console and look for services with a Startup state of “Automatic” that are currently stopped, double click them and look for the exe file name:

and then you copy the “service name” from the beginning of the form

b. you can search the registry for the whole path you see in BE error log:

after you find the right service you copy the name of the folder (actually the name of the service)

2. now you lunch CMD and run this command:  sc delete < SERVICE name>

this will delete the service from the server and will also make the warning in BE to vanish

be careful not to delete needed services, if the service you find as problematic is needed in windows you should try to fix the problem in the service and not delete it, in my case it was a service related to IBM hardware which stayed on the server after a P2V process and wasn’t needed anymore.

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