SCCM – Adding driver package to a task sequence

1. First we need to create a folders and copy the Network, Display, Chipset, Audio, Modem, SATA drivers in to it.

For example OptiPlex3020Win7X64

2. Create a driver package in SCCM Console:

Give the package a name matching the folder name

Note: When you create a new driver package you must provide a network share that is not in use by other driver packages.

Distribute your driver package to DP’s



3. Add the  driver package to a task sequence

First we need to get the model name from the existing machine by Opening CMD on the Machine and type:  WMIC CSProduct Get Name


In task sequence “Apply driver package” task



Choose the Driver package you created

In the options tab, enter a task sequence variable of model equals "model name"


you can also use a WMI query instead such as

Select * from Win32_computersystem where model like "%OptiPlex 3020%"


Good luck סמיילי

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